Gambill Creek Distillers
Canning Corn by Frank Duncan
Steam Still In Wilkes County
In the days before prohibition many folks in Wilkes County plied the trade of Distiller. The Nymph like creature above adorned the tax stamp the Distillers would buy.  It was a simpler time then, all a person needed to do to be on the right side of the law was to buy the stamp and affix it to the barrel of Whiskey they would ship out.  Now days itís much more complicated to ply the trade.  Interestingly the office that issues the permits and collects the tax is call Tax and Trade Bureau.
  Est. 5 March 2013
We are, "
The first whiskey distillery in Wilkes County, North Carolina"since  prohibition.
Wilkes County NC the Moonshine Capital of America
While technically a new company we think of ourselves as a rebirth of a bygone tradition.

Unlike many startup distilleries in North Carolina, Gambill Creek already has hundreds of years of family heritage supporting it. It all began around 1775 before the Revolutionary War when our ancestors settled in Wilkes County around Stone Mountain, in the Traphill and Dockery communities. They all engaged to some degree in making whiskey. Gambill Creek will build on and be faithful to that wealth of knowledge.

Our product will be a hand crafted heritage-quality sour mash white whiskey. Only food grade grains, spring water and local yeast will be used, with no added sugar.

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